Last update: August 2014

How can I purchase the CRKO Fanzine?

You can check the issues-page and see what issues are still available. Send a mail if you wanna order and I’ll get back to you. Don’t blame me if it takes a little time. You may also find some CRKO zines at some distros like P.Trash Records and some others.

Is there always a 7inch with the CRKO Fanzine?

Yes, there’s always a 7inch with the zine. You can check the issues-page to see which 7inch comes with which issue. You can only buy the zine with the 7inch. We love the 7inch-vinyl-format and the basic idea was to make a zine with cool bands and an excellent musical bonus! That’s just that…

When will the next CRKO Fanzine be released?

At the moment I am writing this (August 2014) I don’t have plans to create a new print-issue of the CRKO Fanzine. Which doesn’t necessarily mean the zine is dead, but I don’t simply have the time to do it on a proper basis at the moment. The CRKO Fanzine was always a DIY-project that consumed a lot of time and money. I did it in my spare time besides to a full-time-job with the invaluable help from some highly regarded guest-writers. If I’ll find some time in the future there might be new CRKO-issue … which may happen tomorrow ... or in a few years or … never! Dead but dreaming, ya know… ;)

What’s the status of the CRKO Fanzine right now?

As I mentioned before the CRKO Fanzine is defunct at the moment. I only put some stuff on the blog here from time to time, latest review-stuff that came in and things like that… I also have plans to upload articles, interviews and reviews from the older issues here on the blog, but only if I find the time to do that … not very likely at the moment cuz a computer-crash scrapped most of the zine-data some months ago, haha…

I want my music reviewed by CRKO Fanzine, what do I have to do?

At the moment I only do reviews from time to time here on the blog and very unsteady. Basically only stuff I personally like. If you think your stuff might fit with the almighty taste of the CRKO Fanzine check the contact-page and take the risk send your stuff. We might hype it but you better don’t bother if nothings gonna happen…
If you wanna send in mp3-stuff just forget it…

I sent in stuff but I can’t find it reviewed anywhere – what happened?

Due to the fact that the CRKO Fanzine is more or less defunct I only do unsteady reviews and only if I really like the music or the band or the person that sent it to me. Or if it makes a proper roasting, haha… Since the last print-issue came out a lot of review-material came in and due to some reasons (job, other personal projects) I simply don’t have the time to listen to everything anymore. And in some cases it was also crappy music or stuff that simply doesn’t fit with the musical focus of the CRKO Fanzine. So there might be several reasons if you don’t find a review of your stuff here, just pick one for yourself… ;)