Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2014

REVIEW: The Kendolls - Diablo Gringo 7"

THE KENDOLLS – Diablo Gringo EP
7inch | Alleycat Records | 4 Songs - 11:39
minutes |

Being a German I was always confused when I read the slogan of this Swedish band, cuz I always read THEKEN DOLLS (which means something like "bar dolls" in German) instead of THE KENDOLLS. So I always had the "bar-connection" instead of the "Barbie-connection" with this band, haha...

But that's not totally wrong, cuz the 4 songs on this EP could excellently serve as a soundtrack for a wild night at your local booze-shack. Actually you can also do some excellent knuckle-fighting to this platter, cuz these Swedes seem to be veeeery angry!

I only listened to their "Jerking Class Era" CD once and from that I was expecting some quite good but "standard" Scandinavian Punk'n'Roll, if ya know what I mean...But I was kinda positively surprised that THE KENDOLLS sound so aggressive on this EP. They really have something like a raw Hardcore-Punk edge here, combined with a certain feel of TRBNGR-deathpunk and/or POISON IDEA-ish darkness. Cool, I really like that!

But after all they still write good songs, so don't forget to listen to those tiny melodies here and there and their snotty Garage-catchyness, while thrashing your room, haha...


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