Freitag, 14. Februar 2014


LP | Mirabella Wreckchords | 14 Songs - 36:04
minutes |

Well, it seems kinda bigmouth if you start your promo-sheet with a sentence like "Finally!! Berlin has a REAL rock'n'roll band!!!" But fortunately BELLA WRECK can keep the high expectations.

The four guys in BELLA WRECK are no newbies for the Berlin rockband-scene - they all did their duty! And for example guitarist Jens played in GODS OF BLITZ, which I saw live a few times back then and surely recognized the RADIO BIRDMAN tattoo on his arm. And here he is again with BELLA WRECK, throwing a good part of this like-minded wild 70ies-Aussierock in the caldron, mixed up with STOOGES-spiced proto-Punkrock, NYC-retro-Glam from the NEW YORK DOLLS/HEARTBREAKERS kitchen and lots of Powerpop, Rock'n'Roll and Garage! Oh, and if you love the later HELLACOPTERS you will definitely like BELLA WRECK, too!

The recipe might not be the newest but BELLA WRECK definitely got the skills to perform it the right way! This sound is screaming for party, beershowers, sweat-soaked shirts, headbangin' and dance-wrecked shoes! Just check out wild crackers like "Fun" or catchy hit-tunes like "1000 Years" or "Trash" - it's perfect service! Punk'n'Roll for the lovers, not the fighters, uff course... ;)

By the way: it's a vinyl-only release - oldschool, no CDs, no downloads! Check it out!

Montag, 3. Februar 2014

REVIEW: The CRY - Dangerous Game LP

THE CRY! – Dangerous Game LP
LP | Taken By Surprise | 10 Songs

I was introduced to THE CRY! in early 2012 when I stumbled across the then-digital only release of their "s/t" debut album. Delivering twelve power pop tracks in the EXPLODING HEARTS vein I was completely blown away by their songwriting skills and impeccable delivery. Well, two years have passed and the band have just finished up recording their second album and had the courtesy of sending me a promo, to which I'm much obliged.

Kicking off with the B.T.O.-esque "Discotheque", the band launches into ten tracks of perfectly written power pop gems with a healthy dose of rock'n'roll, garage and glam thrown in for good measure - and there's even some shuffle to boot! Influences intact I still hear a band that's matured and have taken their songwriting skills to a whole new level. Somehow this affair got me thinking of THE CLASH circa "Give 'Em Enough Rope" - not that they sound anything like it, but I can sense a similar development of their sound as touring, writing and gigging made them gel as a band that in a similar manner let their influences shine through without aping anyone.

The end result is a true party album with ten consecutive hits, a great sounding effort delivered with sweat and passion and every time it ends I find myself wanting to hear more - the tell-tale sign of a truly great record. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this made Best of 2014 lists towards the end of the year. A+. Get it => release-date: March 1, 2014. (Magnus Sellergren)