Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2014

REVIEW: Tough - Four LP

TOUGH – Four
LP | Monster Zero | 13 Songs - 17:01
minutes |

I didn't know this band before, but after 30 seconds of listening to this record I knew they were from Italy, haha! Okay, one quick look in the info-sheet says that we have one guy here who was in the STINKING POLECATS and another guy who was in THE POPSTERS before. Those two bruddas just added another Italian Poppunk-devotee to their line-up and out came a classic RAMONEScore-threepiece.

The first song starts out like a straight forward RIVERDALES tune, the second song sounds a lil bit like THE APERS and these guys keep shredding like this through the whole album. Well, it's kinda the same beat and the same chord-shredding over and over again, so if you're not really devoted to the Poppunk-genre this might not really thrill you. But all in all TOUGH do a good job here. I don't really need the cover-versions on the album ("Pleasant Valley Sunday" by THE MONKEES and "I Get Around" by THE BEACH BOYS) but there are also some cool rippers ("It's alright then" or "Your Bloody End") on this platter... And I think they needed tunes to fill up the playing-time of the record, cuz it's only 17 minutes long, haha... No prisoners to be taken!

A good genre-record with Italian accent! My Poppunk-addicted wife voted 7 out of 10 points for this album. It seems as if the guitarist left the band recently, so we'll see if and how the band will continue in the future.