Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

REVIEW: Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! - Todo Roto LP (Slovenly Recordings)

WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! – Todo Roto
LP, CD | Slovenly Recordings | 12 Songs - 30:32 minutes

You know it's true: In the garage(punk)-scene there's so much talking about being "wylde" and "crazy" but in 80 or 90 % of all cases you just get lame farts with all those silly revival-bands. Honestly, nothing is more boring than this cocktail-sipping pseudo-elitist bourgeois retro-Garage-scene with their hipster sixties-weekenders ... bah, stay away from me!

But thank god (or Beelzebub) that there are still some restless and nihilistic Kaputtniks like WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS around!!! "Todo Roto" is the third full-length by these mad Spaniards and I already loved them for their two previous albums! For this album these rampage-brothers added a rampage-sister (on the organ) to their line-up and of course they did a new killer-record!!!

Well, it's hard to describe ... you know, Spanish rock'n'rollers are somehow famous for snorting certain white powders through their noses. If you don't take it for the nose but the ear, these 12 tunes react in your acoustic organ like a sonic first-class powder-delivery from Colombia! I hope you can follow my weird description attempts, errrrm, haha...

Right from the first song it sounds as if there's a horde of maniacs fled from an Iberian mental hospital. The raw rhythm-section pushes forward a raging guitar-fuzz-thunderstorm, accompanied by the trashy squealing of the Farfisa organ. Well, some call it "garagepunk", I think their frontman Juanito Wau once called it "Lamento Punk". And above it all there's of course this incredible voice of Juanito again - every time I hear it I'm deeply impressed how a single man can squeeze out such insane sounds out of his body! He really sounds like a weird mixture of Jerry "nutty professor" Lewis, the incredible Hulk, Chris Barnes on acid, and a warlock on the stretching-rack of the Spanish Inquisition, with sheer madness dripping from his tongue! One of the craziest vocalists in the world! He even released a solo-EP once, where he appears as a "one-mouth-band" and "plays" every instrument with his mouth/voice. Sounds weird? It totally is, haha!!!

The dozen of new hits is sung again in the band's native language. Well, my Spanish is a little rusty but if I try to do correct interpretations of the songtitles they deal with rotten fruits, rescues for Greece, corvids, bad manners, house, job, car, and death and of course destruction in general. The usual stuff, haha... The song "Rescate Griego" even picks up the Wu-Tang-"Gravel Pit" hook, I'm going crazy! Even though I do not know, where the WU TANG CLAN has stolen it, haha ...

To sum it up: once again a blast of a album by WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! Extra points for the cool comic cover, I like that. I got a pretty digipak-CD for the review but "Todo Roto" is of course a record that I would buy again on the royal vinyl-format, without thinking twice about it! It's really a shame that I've never seen this band live, but on their tours they always leave out Germany. This has to change immediately!!! Alemania se ha roto! (Bernd)