Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

REVIEW: THE KIDNAPPERS – Pills 7" (Secret Mission Records)

7inch | Secret Mission Records | 3 Songs

Alright, THE KIDNAPPERS gotta new slab o' wax here. Very nice, coz u know they are not the busiest guys around when it comes to new releases, hehe... I got this 7inch from their drummer who gave it to me at a drinking-party in our home-county Emsland as a X-Mas-gift. Thanks bro, but vinyl and alcohol aren't good companions, haha... Don't worry, the record is still playable, but I won't say that the cover still has a "mint condition", d'oh...

But well, I'm not the biggest collector-nerd in the world, I take care for the music! And the KIDNAPPERS-dudes deliver three nice new tunes here. Even though they weren't actually "new" for me, coz I witnessed the rehearsal sessions about one year ago, where they first practiced those songs. If you understand German you can read it on my other blog, just click HERE. If you don't understand German - well, there are still some vids of the very first rough versions of those songs on that blog-page.

Hmm, I've been at that first rehearsal ... but why didn't they put me on the thanx-list for spiritual guidance? Jerks! One point off, gentlemen! But anyhow, this is of course a great record in the best KIDNAPPERS-tradition. Finest snotty, simple and catchy Punkrock with a nice dash of Powerpop (maybe a little bit reduced to the latest releases, but still there). So, if you wet your pants if you hear names like RAMONES, UNDERTONES, RIP OFFS or TEENGENERATE, you know what to do! Well, what am I tellin' ya... You can't go wrong with a band that has burkas, trendy kinds of sport, naked men and Swabians in there videos. Watch it and get yourself the EP!

P.S.: I'm also looking forward to those other releases that are announced on Secret Mission Records. Great stuff to come!